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The attorneys practicing in the Hamilton Law firm have tried hundreds of cases and have obtained verdicts or settlements of upwards of $4 Million on behalf of our clients. For more information about some of the settlements and verdicts that the lawyers of The Hamilton Law Firm have obtained, see our Results page.

Verdict And Settlement Results

$4,000,000 - Accident with Commercial Vehicle - The case involved an accident that occurred in Philadelphia, MS between the Client, a Philadelphia teenager, and a Sears service truck. At the scene of the accident, the driver of the Sears van claimed to have been traveling south on Highway 15 (the road that had the right of way) and claimed that the Client ran a stop sign on Highway 485 and caused the accident. In addition to numerous fractures and injuries, the Client suffered a traumatic brain injury and had no recollection of the accident. 

Following the accident, one witness came forward with details that actually would have placed the Client on Highway 15 with the right of way instead of Highway 485, as was claimed by the Sears driver. An investigation undertaken by The Hamilton Law Firm uncovered additional witnesses that had details about how the accident occurred. At trial, several witnesses testified that the Client was actually the driver that was traveling on Highway 15 just prior to the accident and would have had the right of way. One witness actually saw the Sears driver run through a stop sign on Highway 485 and cause the accident. The jury ultimately determined that the Sears driver had fabricated his version of events at the scene of the accident and that he was the party that ran the stop sign on Highway 485 and caused the accident -- not the Client. 

The jury returned a verdict of $4 Million, which is one of the largest verdicts ever handed down in a case tried in Lauderdale County. The verdict was 20 times higher than the last settlement offer made by Sears. 

$2,600,000 - Accident with Commercial Vehicle - Client was a passenger in vehicle struck by commercial vehicle after it ran through red light. Liability was disputed. Injuries were multiple, including head injury, which rendered client disabled.

$1,830,000 - Accident with Commercial Vehicle - Commercial vehicle crossed over center line of road causing collision. Injuries included head injury, which rendered client disabled.

$650,000 - Automobile Accident / Bad Faith Insurance Practices - Client was struck while on the side of the road. Injuries included a broken leg, fractured hip, and other soft tissue injuries. Client's own insurer, under an underinsured motorist claim, refused to pay $200,000 policy limits. Suit was instituted, and client recovered full $200,000 in coverage and an additional $450,000 for company's bad faith refusal to pay claim.

$595,000 - Trucking Accident - Client was injured when 18 wheeler ran a stop sign. Injuries included disc herniation, disc bulge, and broken ribs.

$500,000 - Automobile Accident - Other vehicle came around a curve in the road on the wrong side, resulting in a collision with clients. Injuries included broken leg and broken ankle.

$300,000 - Accident with Commercial Vehicle - Client rear-ended by commercial vehicle. Injuries included contusions, strained muscles and soft tissue injury.

$300,000 - Accident with Commercial Vehicle - Client was a passenger in vehicle struck by commercial vehicle after it ran through red light. Liability was disputed.

$285,000 - Accident with Commercial Vehicle - Clients were rear-ended by commercial vehicle, resulting in soft tissue injuries.

$240,000 - Automobile Accident - Client was involved in accident in which he suffered back injuries.

The above cases do not include all results and verdicts obtained by The Hamilton Law Firm, but are merely some examples of cases that have been handled by our firm. Each case is different and must rest upon its own facts and circumstances. Call (601) 693-5548 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.